When (if ever) does parenting get any easier?


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Through all the sleepless nights of infanthood you pin your hopes on a brighter, more well-rested future. But then your baby begins teething. You make it through that, only to find yourself deep in the so-called terrible twos. Still, you insist it will pass and things will smooth out, only to find yourself the parent of a "threenager" and then it's on to the "gnarly fours."

When, if ever, does this parenting thing ever get any easier?!

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That's the essence of the question one new parent recently asked, and this one particularly candid reply caught my eye.

User Lordofpotomac wrote: "4 years in. Still not easier. And every time you talk to someone with older kids, they move the goal line. 'Oh, he's two and a half? You're almost there!' 'Oh, he's three? Three is hard. One year left!' 'Oh, he's four? It gets fun at five!'

"Brace for a long long ride."

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While there were some who insisted it is easier after the first few months as a new parent, I can't shake the feeling things don't get easier, but they do get different.

There will come a time when the only butt you're tasked with wiping is your own. There will come a time when you stop heading down the baby aisle in the store, and there will come a time you can leave your kids at home alone to run a short errand -- but with all of these positives come new worries. Trust me, my boys are 12 and 11 years old right now.

You couldn't pay me to trade in my worries about bullying, acne, the internet as a whole, teenage depression, suicide, self-harm, binge-drinking, drugs, and the rest to go back to diapers, but it's still a lot. When I had toddlers I specifically remember thinking I'd feel better when my kids were big because I wouldn't have to worry about basic survival bits like them choking on a grape, but somehow the stakes still feel just as high. Plus, a lot of the confidence I had as a young mom that I was doing a good job has faded away.

When do I think things will truly get easier? Sometime around age 25. Seriously.

Like the commenter above said, it's a long ride. You'll turn down different roads as the years go by, but each of them has their own variation of hairpin turns and potholes.

When does parenting get easier in your opinion?

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