Mom's photo of 4 car seats in a row has parents freaking out


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What to do when faced with a growing family, and a seemingly shrinking car? I recall having our third daughter, and the moment I realized cramming three car seats across the back row of our Volvo SUV wasn't gonna happen. Unless I was okay with severing one of my fingers trying to buckle and unbuckle their seat belts.

We eventually had to get a larger vehicle to accommodate our brood and their necessary, age-appropriate safety seats. But what if there was a way to fit three, or even four car seats across the back row of your car, for far less money than the giant expense of an entirely new car?

English model and soon-to-be mom-of-4, Danielle Lloyd, recently shared a photo of how she fit four car seats across the back row of her Bentley Mulsanne. And the Internet went wild.

In the now-viral Instagram post, Lloyd shows off her new custom-fit Multimac car seats for sons Archie, age 6, Harry, 5, George, 2, and the son she is expecting later this month.

"Absolutely love our new personalised car chair made for our 4 boys making our 3 seats into 4 thanks so much to @multimacseat for doing such a great job... fully recommend it to anyone with lots of children a lot cheaper than having to change your car," Lloyd captioned the shot.

4 car seats in the back of car

Wait, do you see how each child's name is embroidered across the car seat's headrest? If you are like me, you are having major car seat envy right now. Lloyd didn't want to reveal her soon-to-be born fourth son's name quite yet, thus that moniker is blurred out.

Her post has been liked over 7,000 times, and garnered hundreds of comments. Some parents lamented in the comments that they wish they'd thought of this solution before buying a new vehicle for their growing families. Most were blown away that this option even exists, and some commenters admitted they kinda wanted to start having more babies right away. Of course, other folks were quick to judge Lloyd's new custom car seat set-up, saying it was potentially unsafe.

It's worth pointing out that Multimac car seats are not available in the U.S. As in, they don't ship here, and more importantly, aren't tested for the U.S., or made for U.S. cars. Bottom line: As cool and economical as this car seat solution may be (a 3-seater costs about $2,000 U.S.), the seats are not approved for use in America. Sorry, parents!

But the idea of being able to customize car seats to fit your vehicle and your family is pretty darn cool. Wouldn't it be great if you could personalize baby products like car seats and cribs to meet your needs, instead of searching and testing out what's already on the market? Hint, hint every baby product company.

Our editor and Child Passenger Safety Technician Joyce Slaton has written extensively about car seats that fit growing families, so be sure to check out her recommendations for seats that fit 3-across in the back seat of a vehicle.

Meanwhile, I don't know if I think this type of car seat solution would work best for my family. I drive a Tahoe now, and I actually like how my kids get to sit in separate rows in the car, similar to the setup of a minivan. My little one and middle daughter usually sit in the middle row in the captain's chairs, in a car seat and booster seat respectively, separated by an aisle, and my oldest daughter is in the back in a booster seat.

If they were to sit all together across a row, I can only imagine they would fight more, and cause me more stress as I'm driving. But maybe that's just me.

Would a 3-across or 4-across car seat solution make your life easier? Or, if you have a big family, how do you make the car seat set-up work in your car?

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