5 brilliant comebacks for those large-family haters


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Haters love to hate on big families. Are you guys done yet? You do know how this happens, right? Are they ALL yours? You are overpopulating the world!


Total dread. This is the feeling moms of large families feel when announcing yet another pregnancy. My husband and I just announced that we will be having our FIRST GIRL in early 2018.

And while I knew there would be plenty of friends and family excited for us, I also knew there would be others offering up not-so-positive comments that would need deflecting.

One soon-to-be mom of four reached out to other BabyCenter moms after getting flack from a total stranger. She writes,

“I was at a public rest area the other day with my three little [daughters]... This woman came over to tell me how cute they were [then] she tells me "I hope you're done already". I let her know my fourth little one is on its way????. She starts ranting that I'm overpopulating the world... What would you [have answered]?”


With the help of other BabyCenter moms (many with large families of their own), I have come up with 5 brilliant comebacks for any situation.

  1. Be direct. WeRcelebr8ing states, "[If it’s someone I’m close with, I would say], 'It bothers me that you keep making comments about my family size. It is not something I wish to discuss further.'" Or, you could go the even more direct route suggested by katieraeofsunshine, “I’d tell her to go f*ck herself and mind her own business.”
  2. It sounds crazy, but DO NOTHING. Literally. Texasattitude writes, “When people do something so rude that my brain literally can't process it, I tend to just stare at them until they leave.”
  3. Use humor. Imapiscesscg tells how she would have handled the situation. "[I would have said], 'Don’t worry. We are having them spayed.'"
  4. Get judicial. One of the best comebacks I have heard to the good old “you’re overpopulating the country” is, “Yeah, but at least I’m doing it legally.” I don’t know why I fancy this one so much.
  5. Get scientific. Calmly explain to the person that the U.S. birthrate is actually at a historic low at 1.87, and, if it doesn’t get back up to about 2.1 we could be in for a national emergency. Tell them your children are actually going to be funding their Social Security and Medicare. That should shut them up.

What is your best comeback for people who comment negatively on your family size?

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