10-year-old delivers brother, saves baby and mom's life


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As a mom who nearly delivered a baby on the interstate, I know how things can escalate quickly once your water breaks.


While my birth story came to the uneventful end of a hospital birth after a high-speed drive in a blizzard and being pulled over by a police officer, Ashly Moreau of Sulphur, Louisiana’s birth story is much more harrowing.

At 34 weeks pregnant, the soon-to-be mother of three went to use the bathroom after sending her fiancé off to work at his job as a mechanical engineer. While on the toilet, her water broke and the baby’s feet emerged.


Ashly noticed the baby’s feet were blue, meaning the baby was not getting any oxygen. She knew she had to act quickly. Moreau called her 10-year-old son, Jayden, into the bathroom and told him to run to his grandma’s house next door to get help.

Still recovering from a recent surgery, Jayden’s grandma was unable to leave her house to come assist. Jayden knew it would be him who would have to help his mother. And he was willing to do anything.


Upon arriving back at home to his mother bleeding heavily in the bathroom, the young boy said, “Okay, Mom. Just tell me what I need to do, and I’m going to do it.” Ashly instructed her son to grab the baby’s legs and pull as she pushed. The baby was born within minutes, but was not breathing.

Jayden then ran to the kitchen to grab his 11-month-old sister’s nose aspirator to suction out the baby’s mouth and nose. Just as the baby started breathing, the paramedics arrived to whisk Ashly and baby Daxx to the hospital.

After assessing the new mother and baby, doctors at the hospital speculate neither the baby or mother, who was bleeding profusely as her placenta was detaching, would have made it had it not been for this savvy 10-year-old.

Jayden Fontenot saved both his baby brother and mom’s life, and his family could not be more proud. Even though Ashly and baby Daxx are home healthy and safe, Ashly tears up still while telling the story.

Tell me your crazy birth experience!

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